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Excavator walking mechanism,Bulldozer Idler Export to Russia

February 22, 2023

Latest company news about Excavator walking mechanism,Bulldozer Idler Export to Russia

Excavator walking mechanism,Bulldozer Idler Export to Russia

The traveling mechanism of the hydraulic excavator is used to bear the full weight of the machine and the reaction force of the working device, and it is also used for short travel of the machine. According to the different structure, it is mainly divided into two categories: crawler type and tire type.

latest company news about Excavator walking mechanism,Bulldozer Idler Export to Russia  0
1. Crawler type walking mechanism
Crawler traveling mechanism is composed of track and drive wheels, guide wheels, rollers, carrier wheels and tensioning mechanisms, crawler traveling mechanism is commonly known as "four wheels and one belt", which is directly related to the working performance and walking performance of the excavator.
(1) Tracks
There are the following types of track shoes, and different track shoes are used according to different operating conditions.
2) Double rib track shoes: make the machine easy to steer, mostly used in loaders.
3) Semi-double-ribbed track shoes: both traction and slewing performance.
4) Three-rib track shoes: good strength and rigidity, large bearing capacity, smooth track movement, mostly used in hydraulic excavators.
5) Snow use: suitable for work in ice and snow places.
6) For rock: with anti-side slip edge, suitable for the operation of the cornerstone site.
7) For wetland: the width of the track shoe is enlarged, and the grounding area is increased, which is suitable for the operation of swampland and soft foundation.Bulldozer Idler Export to Russia
8) Rubber tracks: protect the road surface and reduce noise.

(2) Rollers and carrier wheels. The roller transmits the weight of the excavator to the ground when the excavator is traveling on different surfaces. The weighing wheel often bears the impact of the ground, so the load of the roller is large, generally: bilateral roller, unilateral roller. The structure of the carrier wheel and the roller is basically the same.
(3) Idler. The idler is used to guide the track around correctly and prevent it from mistracking and deviating. The idling wheel of most hydraulic excavators also acts as a roller, which can increase the contact area of the track to the ground and reduce the specific pressure of the ground. The idler has a smooth face, a shoulder ring in the middle for guidance, and torus planes on both sides to support the rail chain. The smaller the distance between the idler and the nearest roller, the better the guidance.
In order to make the idler fully play its role and extend its service life, the radial runout of the wheel facing the center hole should be ≤W3mm, and the installation should be correctly aligned.
(4) Drive wheels. The power of the hydraulic excavator engine is transmitted to the track through the travel motor and the drive wheel, so the drive wheel should mesh correctly with the chain rail of the track, the transmission is stable, and when the track is elongated due to pin sleeve wear, it can still mesh well, the drive wheel. Usually located at the rear of the excavator traveling device, so that the tension section of the track is shorter to reduce its wear and power consumption, the driving wheel can be divided into two types: integral type and split type according to the wheel body structure. The teeth of the split drive wheel are divided into 5~9 ring gears, so that some of the teeth can be replaced without removing the track when they are worn, which is convenient for repair at the construction site and reduces the cost of excavator maintenance man-hours.Bulldozer Idler Export to Russia
The engine drives the hydraulic pump to transport oil, and the pressure oil passes through the control valve and the central slewing joint to drive the hydraulic motor and reducer installed on the left and right track frames to walk or steer. The two travel motors can be operated independently by means of two travel levers in the cab.
(5) Tensioning device
After the crawler running device of the hydraulic excavator is used for a period of time, the wear of the chain rail pin shaft increases the pitch, resulting in the elongation of the entire track, resulting in friction crawler frame, track derailment, running device noise and other failures, thus affecting the walking performance of the excavator. Therefore, each track must be equipped with a tensioning device so that the track often maintains a certain degree of tension.Bulldozer Idler Export to Russia
(6) Brakes

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